October 19, 2016

Project: A playroom

For a long time I dreamed about perfect room where I can invite my friends. Currently I can not affort one, but I can at least make it in virtual world. Nowdays everyone tends to spend life separatelly feeling looniness. I think it’d be greate to change it a litte bit. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to invite friends to come over?

At the beginning I’d like make an assumption that the room will be designed to fit 5-7 people.


Music playlists

Food & Drinks

  • Easy for preparation and/or tasty snacks or dinks

Room equipment

  • big screen TV + video game consoles
    • game pads
    • remote contolls
  • coffee maker
  • white board walls
  • comforatble sits
  • fridge and
  • google glass (for gmaes) VR
  • gym equiplent
  • tablets (as remote controlls)
  • projector


Turn-Based Strategy

This type of games

Worms series

Host might play for free (to recompensate cost of party). Game for money might be forbidden in your country

  • Board Games
  • Card games You need a few decks of cards and żetony


Other gambling games

Gra alkoholowa => ALKOHOLOWA GRA RULETKA IMPREZOWA + KIELISZKI 16SZT http://allegro.pl/alkoholowa-gra-ruletka-imprezowa-kieliszki-16szt-i6285002342.html


Outside the playroom

  • balcony
  • terrace

Inner the house

next to kitchen and toilet